SilK & Cotton

Silk & Cotton, creating clothing that uplifts 
its wearer to their higher self.

Artistic Yoga Pants

Silk and Cotton hand dyed artistic yoga pants

Silk and Cotton original harem style Artistic Yoga Pants. There is a lot to love here! The knit bands at the ankle keep the pant legs in place while inverted, the comfy breathable cotton gets more cozy with each washing, the fun hand dyed colors are chemically bonded to the cellulose fibers and will never wash out, and the fold over waist band can be worn up or down. Yes there is a lot to love about Silk and Cotton's Artistic Yoga Pants and soon they will be even better!

Coming soon all the features that you love plus more leg room! Extra width and length add to the functionality for Silk and Cotton's long legged yogi friends. New designs and colors of batiks in Silk & Cotton are also on the way! Please visit again soon. Aloha!