SilK & Cotton

Silk & Cotton, creating clothing that uplifts 
its wearer to their higher self.

Fabric Button Jewelry

fabric covered button silk and cotton

Enjoy the beauty and versatility of Silk and Cotton's Fabric Covered Button rings and pendants. Each hand painted silk button utilizes ancient symbols and imagery to uplift the wearer to a higher vibration. Silk and Cotton's Buttons are constructed with a very strong magnet inside which holds them to the stainless steel ring and pendant base. Silk and Cotton Fabric Covered Button Jewelry set comes in a cute chocolate box containing 4 solid colored silk buttons, 4 hand painted silk buttons and one ring or pendant base. Pick your color or symbol in the morning while your mind is refreshed and your fabric covered button jewelry will preserve your clarity and alignment all day. 

Silk & Cotton's Fabric Covered Button Jewelry began as a way to use all the fabric scraps too small for use in clothing. Christiane Love is a big supporter of reuse reduce recycle and is very proud to say that none of her fabrics end up in the landfill. The tiny bits of fabrics and threads that can not be used by Silk and Cotton become stuffing for dog beds that are donated to the Humane Society.