SilK & Cotton

Silk & Cotton, creating clothing that uplifts 
its wearer to their higher self.

In the Vortex Clothing

Christiane Love playing in the vortex!

What is in the Vortex Clothing? 

The term "in the vortex" was coined by Abraham Hicks to describe the state of being in full harmony with source energy. Source energy, God, creator of all that is, the universe, whatever term you feel most comfortable using is beholding us at all times with a love so deep and eternal that our human experience is incapable of measuring. When we see ourselves and others as source sees us then we are in the vortex and allowing our natural stream of well being, prosperity and joy to flow freely. Artists of all kinds are pulled into the vortex when they focus on their creation. Have you ever been really focused on a project that kept flowing and building and your excitement and joy increases exponentially with each new idea, and those ideas wash over you, each one better than the last, taking you to a completely different heightened state of being and thinking? This is often described as being "in the zone" and the artist often looses all track of time and space. When creating from inside the vortex the item being created by devine inspiration is imbued with the powerful positive energies that were tapped into during its creation. Therefore when an item is created with great love intending to uplift its owner it becomes a powerful tool for alignment. Silk & Cotton creates in the vortex clothing using ancient symbols that house all the healing protective energies of all that have used them before along with the focused love, joy and playfulness of Christiane Love. Silk & Cotton is some powerful stuff!