SilK & Cotton

Silk & Cotton, creating clothing that uplifts 
its wearer to their higher self.

Silk and Cotton Batik

Silk and Cotton Batik in process

Silk and Cotton Batik fabrics are created by Christiane love who learned the art while acquiring her BFA degree from Murray State University. Silk and Cotton are the perfect canvas for the inspired imagery that divinely flows to Christiane Love. When the drawn image is perfected and feels just right it is then transferred onto silk charmeuse with a tjanting tool and hot beeswax. When the wax cools the silk and cotton can then be hand painted with fiber reactive dyes. The dyes blend and dance on the silk and cotton fabrics bringing vibrant color and life to the inspired imagery. This step is truly magical and embodies the ease at which beauty flows into our experience. After the dyes process overnight becoming permanent the silk and cotton is then rinsed and dried outdoors in the trade winds by the ocean. Christiane Love then cuts out each piece and stitches them with love creating the finished Silk and Cotton in the Vortex Clothing. 

This page page will be updated soon with lots of fun pics and videos of the Silk and Cotton Batik process! 

Check back soon to see Christiane love in the vortex creating Silk and Cotton!